What’s this all about then?

img_3440It’s a strange hobby, writing match reports, often greeted with quizzical looks, which I understand entirely.

Why bother when there are so many sources of information available? In fact, why bother at all?

Well, below the Premier League, the quantity and quality of match reporting can be patchy at best and anodyne at worst. This is understandable – newspapers focus on the largest constituencies they can find and even at a local level they operate in restrictive circumstances (space, deadlines and inherent conservatism).

Good, bad or indifferent, the reports herein are one man’s opinion, not to be taken seriously (it’s only a game) and satisfies the author’s desperate need for attention.

I’ve been doing these since about 1997, on and off; since the coming of the Internet, in fact.

As a kid, I loved the writing of Longfellow (Alan Driscoll) in the Examiner and, later, Martin Hardy who went on to the national press. An obscure children’s author called Michael Hardcastle who wrote about football was also a favourite. Somehow, those memories were awakened.

Now that I have the freedom of time I get to most Town games, home and away, though that same freedom takes me away from these shores for 2 months in winter to an entirely different life in Telluride, Colorado (I might do a travelogue in 2017 – you have been warned!).

Until the 2015/2016 season, the reports were simply posted to a Htfc mailing list and copied to a mailing list for overseas Town fans. Quaint as they are (and they are still extant), it is the equivalent of sending them over the telegraph and I needed a more permanent place for the musings; hence this site.

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